Sell & Save On MLS® by Paying A Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

These sellers listed their 7 Miranda Avenue home in Toronto with Arthur Kozlowski, a flat fee commission Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® with One Percent Realty Ltd. in Toronto, sold in just 10 days, and saved $16,7001 over a traditional commission, not including bonus HST savings.

They can now buy themselves a new car.

Here is what the sellers had to say:
"I chose to work with Arthur Kozlowski on the sale of my parent's home because I found his forthrightness and honesty to be a refreshing change. His collaborative approach and receptiveness to new ideas and suggestions made him a pleasure to work with. Arthur was instrumental in the quick and successful sale of the house and his extensive industry experience gave us a competitive edge during negotiations. Best of all, Arthur at One Percent Realty saved my parents over $16,000 on real estate commission! If you're looking for an honest real estate agent who will work above and beyond to represent your interests, you need not look any further than Arthur." - N.L.

For more details on how you can save money on Real Estate Commission contact Arthur Kozlowski (BROKER & REALTOR®) at 416-825-8756 /, or visit

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